Appreciate Yourself

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It’s not unrealistic for some people to admit that they tend to appreciate others’ for the contribution they have made to this world but rarely take the time to appreciate themselves for the work they’ve done. There is definitely a thin line between appreciating yourself and being borderline pompous. When it comes to self-appreciation, don’t feel weird to pat yourself on the back every once in a while you achieve something that you’ve been working so hard for. I’m saying this from my own experience because just the other day, I was thinking how I always focus on the things I do wrong and seldom focus on the things that I’ve accomplished.

Anyway, here are a few tips on how to appreciate yourself:

  1. Think about all the things you’ve done this week:

    Sit, relax, and look back at all the good/bad things you’ve done this week. Focus more on the good things and tell yourself that you’ve earned this. However, this doesn’t mean that you neglect the bad things, just look at it from a different perspective. 🙂

  2. Treat yourself:

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    Feel like you’ve actually done something to take your lie one step further? Treat yourself to some ice cream! (That’s what I do, haha)

  3. When someone appreciates you for your work, thank them:

    Now, this happens way too often to me. When someone compliments me for my work, I tend to brush it off and say “It was no big deal, really.” But, in reality, it is a big deal otherwise why would someone compliment you in the first place…Hmm…

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

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3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge: Day 1

Hi, everyone!🙂

I’ve been nominated for the 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge yet again. Since I love quotes, I’m quite excited about this challenge. 

3 days

Before I start, I would like to thank justgeeklyfab and mayathebookexplorer  for the nomination. If you like posts that are creative and inspiring, then you should give these blogs a follow. 😀

Today’s Quote: 

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Why I love this quote? 

This is one of my favourite motivational quotes that I have framed in my bedroom. Generally speaking, this quote inspires me to become an achiever and to think positively. It reminds me that saying “I can’t do this!” is not an option. We should develop a mindset wherein we can accept challenges openly irrespective of their outcomes. When it comes to our individual and unique dreams, we shouldn’t just keep it as a ‘dream’ rather we should work hard and jot down a plan that will help us move step by step towards achieving our dreams and aspirations. If you are persistent and optimistic, you’re already one step ahead towards converting your dreams into reality. I hope this quote comes to your advantage!


If you’re interested in accepting this challenge, feel free to let me know in the comments section below!

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Are Taking Decisions Important?

Why is it so important to take decisions in life? I keep asking myself this question every day.

I used to hate taking decisions and making life choices. I feared them. I was scared that if I decided to do something and it didn’t work out as planned, then I’d be doomed.
Whether it was deciding which college to go to, which major, which career, which country and so on. It was always my parents who did everything for me when I was younger. I was under the impression that they would always take every decision, every choice, and every step for me.

But, I was wrong. Sooner or later I realized that taking decisions are an essential part of our lives. Now that I’ve grown up, I have to make these life choices on my own. It may seem scary at first but it’s true. It’s important for us to understand the importance of moving on in life. Life is never stagnant, people never wait, and opportunities never return again. We must be bold enough to decide what’s right for us because we are responsible for ourselves.

Don’t be afraid of the outcomes. You may go wrong, but it won’t kill you to try.
The worst case scenario: You’ll regret it for the rest of your life, but at least you tried! Also, you won’t know if it is the right decision until you try. Always remember one thing, be confident in what you do.

I hope my little piece of advice will help you overcome your fear of taking decisions in life. Start small and you’ll end up taking major decisions in no time! 🙂

-The Jouska