3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge: Day 2

Quote of the day:

Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

Why I love this quote? 

This quote speaks to a lot of us in reality. Our day-to-day experiences shape us into the person we are today, whether good or bad. We all experience something new every day. It may be making a new friend, being betrayed by someone, learning something new and so on. Collectively, all of this shapes our personality irrespective of our age. In the end, it’s all about learning from our mistakes and engaging in self-improvement. From my personal experiences, I can surely say that I’ve changed a lot since the past year. And, there’s nothing wrong with changing who you are as long as it remains positive.

Can you personally relate to this quote? Let me know in the comments section below. 🙂


Turn That Frown Upside Down

You know one of those days when you’re feeling sad and you don’t even know why. Well, if you’re feeling that way today, I’m here to bring a smile to your face! 😀

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror and Smile.
    21 Smart Ways To Feel Happier Right Now
  2. Work on something that you love doing, this way you won’t feel unproductive.
  3. Turn up the volume and dance like no one’s watching.
  4. Step away from all the negativity.
    21 Smart Ways To Feel Happier Right Now
  5. Scientists have proved that eating chocolate instantly lifts up your mood.
  6. Go exercise! Sweat your way out of sadness and grief. 
  7. Think about the people who play a positive role in your life. 

I hope these tips are successful in turning your frown upside down!

What do you do to make yourself happy? Let me know in the comments section below. 🙂



That Awkward Moment When…

Let’s face it, there have been awkward moments in our life whether we like it or not. But, in the end, we must realise that we’re not alone. At least, I hope we’re not…? 

Anyway, here are some awkward moments that I can relate to and hopefully, you can too: 

  1. Sending a message to the wrong person.  Don’t even get me started on the consequences of doing this. No matter how much you try to un-send your message, it’s not going to work. *Sigh*
  2. Someone is waving in your direction and you excitedly wave back, not realising that they were actually waving at the person behind you. Oh, well. It’s time to awkwardly scratch the back of my neck.

  3. Not sure if the person approaching you is coming in for a handshake or a hug. I’m stuck in-between!
  4. Cracking a joke which seems funny to you, but no one laughs. Been there, done that. *Knock Knock*
  5. You run into someone on the street and sidestep them, but they go in the same direction as you, and you do that several times until one of you stops moving. Cue the awkward laughter and glances.
  6. Opening a packet of chips in a room where you could hear a pin drop, and suddenly you’re the centre of attention.  *Crunch* Looks around *Crunch*
  7. Stalking someone’s social media profile and accidentally liking a photo from when they were younger. *Runs away forever*
  8. Thinking there’s one more step to walk up or down the stairs and falling on the unexpectedly flat ground. This happened to me once…only once! 

I hope you felt the awkwardness while reading this post, haha!
What’s your most awkward moment? Share your story with me in the comments section below. 😀

-The Jouska

Because I’m Happy


Plays Happy by Pharrell Williams 


Most people believe that money is the only thing that can make them happy. Other than money, there are various other ways in which people can achieve happiness.

Happiness is a simple yet meaningful word. Different people have different perceptions considering the meaning of happiness. For example, one may consider buying materialistic things to make themselves happy. On the contrary, someone else might think of nature when it comes to happiness.

Some of the things that make me happy:

  1. Seeing my parents laugh.
  2. Achieving something that I’ve worked hard for.
  3. Volunteering and lending a helping hand to those in need.
  4. Respect and Kindness.
  5. The Natural beauties of life.
  6. On a lighter note, The 3 C’s: Chocolate, Coffee, and Cupcakes. 😀

In conclusion, we must learn to appreciate the simple pleasures of life because this will help us achieve true, untainted happiness.

What makes you happy? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below. 🙂

-The Jouska


Are Taking Decisions Important?

Why is it so important to take decisions in life? I keep asking myself this question every day.

I used to hate taking decisions and making life choices. I feared them. I was scared that if I decided to do something and it didn’t work out as planned, then I’d be doomed.
Whether it was deciding which college to go to, which major, which career, which country and so on. It was always my parents who did everything for me when I was younger. I was under the impression that they would always take every decision, every choice, and every step for me.

But, I was wrong. Sooner or later I realized that taking decisions are an essential part of our lives. Now that I’ve grown up, I have to make these life choices on my own. It may seem scary at first but it’s true. It’s important for us to understand the importance of moving on in life. Life is never stagnant, people never wait, and opportunities never return again. We must be bold enough to decide what’s right for us because we are responsible for ourselves.

Don’t be afraid of the outcomes. You may go wrong, but it won’t kill you to try.
The worst case scenario: You’ll regret it for the rest of your life, but at least you tried! Also, you won’t know if it is the right decision until you try. Always remember one thing, be confident in what you do.

I hope my little piece of advice will help you overcome your fear of taking decisions in life. Start small and you’ll end up taking major decisions in no time! 🙂

-The Jouska

Things Awkward People Do

I admit that I’m a shy person, but I’m also very awkward. The main reason behind this dilemma is me being self-conscious of everything I do. Hopefully, I’m not the only one who experiences this. :/

Anyhow, here are some things that awkward people know to be true:

  1. You awkwardly smile in group photos. 
  2. You pretend to be busy on your phone when you’re alone in public just to avoid any social interaction. (We don’t want people thinking that we’re loners)
    22 Things All Awkward People Know To Be True
  3. When you have nothing to say so you just let out a nervous laugh.
  4. You try to avoid eye contact because it just makes you terribly nervous and uncomfortable.
    22 Things All Awkward People Know To Be True
  5. Flirting? I’ve never heard that word before. Does it exist in my dictionary? No.
  6. When you like someone and you want to try sparking up a conversation, but you never end up talking to them.
  7. You’ve always been bad at introductions.

You got to admit that we all have our awkward moments that we regret for days, months or even years. But, hey, at least we’re not bad people. 😉

Have you ever experienced something as awkward as the gifs above? Let me know in the comments section below! 🙂

-The Jouska

Change-For the better or worse?

I often question myself whether change is for the better or worse. :/

Over the last century, change in the life of human beings has increased its pace and beyond our wildest expectations. While, some may believe that change is always for the better, others strongly support the idea of sticking to old ideas and norms. Change can mostly be attributed to technological or scientific breakthroughs which change the way we look at things around us on a daily basis.

Those who are afraid of change and try to secure themselves by doing safe and familiar things are living in denial. Even if they resist from changing their lifestyle, they cannot stop the world around them from changing. Sooner or later, they realise that their familiar jobs no longer exists or that their safe behaviour patterns may no longer be accepted.

On the contrary, some people say that change is always for the better. They believe so because it brings about new opportunities and new experiences which enthrall our life journey. However, reaching the conclusion that change is inevitable is not the same as assuming that ‘change is always for the better’. Unfortunately, it is not always that changes are made because they have good impacts for the majority of the people. Rather, such changes are made to accumulate wealth in the hands of the rich and powerful people.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that change can be stimulating and be energizing for those people who pursuit it themselves. On the other hand, when change is imposed forcefully upon people, it may not necessarily have good outcomes.

What’s your opinion on change? Share them with me in the comments section below. 🙂

-The Jouska

Importance of Solitude

People often don’t realise the difference between loneliness and solitude. They think that if you’re alone and enjoying your own company, you’re a loner, but that’s not true.

Solitude isn’t something you should be afraid of, it’s something  you should be happy about. 

Having time to yourself is as important as socialising with other people. Why?

  1. Self-Discovery:
    Well, firstly, you get a clear idea of who you are and what your goals are. It also gives you a chance to learn something new about yourself.
  2. Catching up with your mind:
    Our body is often detached from our mind. Thinking, reciprocating and understanding our thoughts and feelings helps us to connect our mind and body together.
  3. Gives you a break from all the drama:
    Sometimes you just need to get away from all the drama happening in the outside world. In a world of overstimulation, our minds are constantly in an overactive mode. Solitude allows your mind to detach from all the endless chatter coming from the environment around you, which gives you a peaceful and tranquil feeling.
  4. Focus:
    Solitude helps you focus on what’s important and ignoring those things that aren’t your priorities.

Anyway, my point is, enjoy your solitude and make the best of it. 😀

-The Jouska



Presence of Mind

I know it’s very difficult for us sometimes, to focus on the present moment because of all the bad memories that distract us from it.

We have a choice to remember those memories that deserve a special place in our hearts and to eliminate those memories which make us feel miserable. 

Why is presence of mind so important?
Well, for one thing, it is the present that is right in front of you. On the other hand, the past is done with and there’s nothing you can do to change it.

But, don’t let that bring you down because you have a great opportunity to make your future better by focusing on the present. 😀

Some tips on how to avoid being consumed by your past:

  1. Think about all that you’ve achieved or what you want to achieve. That’ll keep you focused towards the right path.
  2. You’re a different person now. Sure, we’ve all done something careless in our lives before but we’ve learnt from our mistakes and that’s what matters most.
  3. Never let people make you think about what you did in the past because ain’t nobody got time for that.
  4. A walk down memory lane can be fruitful only if it gives you a pleasure of reminiscence. 
  5. Forgive yourself for all the wrong you’ve done and promise yourself to never do something that stupid again.
  6. Finally, don’t let anyone define you based on your past experiences.

I hope these tips help you overcome your obsession with the past, haha.
Don’t beat yourself up for something you did years ago, it isn’t worth it, trust me. 🙂

-The Jouska




Wait, what?

Ever felt like you have no idea what you’re doing in life? 
Ever felt like that time went so fast and now you don’t know what to do?

It’s crazy how in the past you get so excited about leaving school and going to college, travelling the world and the list is endless.
And, finally, when you’re out of school, you’re blank. BLANK AS A PAPER. You don’t know where to start and you feel pretty much pointless since you have no idea what you’re going to be doing in the future.

It’s in times like this where I face mini panic attacks and desolation. And, surely, I can’t be the only one facing that problem…?

  • Things I’ve realized: 
    1. Growing up isn’t as fun as you think it is.
    2. You have to shoulder a lot of responsibilities.
    3. You can’t laze around all day in your PJ’s.
    4. You have to take life-changing decisions.

If you’ve ever felt this way, share your experiences below in the comments section, I would love to read them. 🙂

-The Jouska