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SheIn Shopping Wishlist1

Recently, I have started purchasing a lot of clothes and fashion accessories online. Despite the fact that I can’t try the clothes out before buying them, I think online shopping is much easier and convenient. In fact, a lot of the shopping websites have free returns or refunds which makes the whole shopping experience more reliable. is one of the few fashion websites that I trust and shop online from. 

  • They ship to over 80 countries worldwide.
  • They do accept returns within 30 days of receipt.
  • You can track your order 24/7.
  • You can earn points!
  • They frequently have discounted items.

Here’s my wishlist of SheIn items that I absolutely love! 

  1. Embroidered Flower Patch Bell Sleeve Self Tie Dress:


    Flower patches are making a huge comeback in the fashion industry and I couldn’t be happier. I adore clothes with embroidery so this one is definitely on my wishlist.

  2. Fluted Sleeve Vine Embroidered Gingham Dress:


    1900’s Gingham print is back in action! This dress comes in blue and black, but I personally prefer the blue gingham print. I would love to buy this dress seeing as it is the perfect one for the summer season.

  3. Aztec Feather Print Dip Hem Chiffon Top:


    There’s nothing better than wearing a loose tee on a hot summer day. I think the print of this shirt is pretty cute.

  4. Bardot Embroidered Appliques Trumpet Sleeve Top:


    Like I said, I love embroidered clothing, so this top is one of my favourites. I think the cut is perfect and the red flowers really stand out.

  5. Cat Embroidery Knotted Hem Cuffed Shirt:


    Light blue is definitely one of my favourite colours so this shirt is already on my good side, haha. I really like the pattern of this shirt. Plus, the cat detailing adds up to the overall design of the shirt.

  6. Cropped Self Tie Wide Leg Pants:


    Whenever I  have a long day’s work, I prefer wearing wide leg pants rather than skinny trousers because they are comfortable and in fashion! It isn’t easy to find a pair with perfect fitting, but these cropped pants definitely give a classy look.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

Have you ever bought clothes online? Let me know in the comments section below. 😀


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Style Sense-Tote Bags


I adore tote bags because they are convenient, practical, and stylish. I definitely prefer tote bags over handbags because they are bigger and can easily carry more stuff. Not to mention, there are a variety of tote bags available in the market.

Here are some of my favourites:

  1. Simple:


  2. Cute:


  3. Creative:


  4. Formal:


Do you carry tote bags often? Let me know in the comments section below. 🙂


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Style Sense-Dungarees


Dungarees are the most comfortable denim clothing available in the market. Since dungarees can be worn during any time of the year, I thought I’d do a post on how to style them. 🙂

  1. Simple T-shirt:

    Image result for short sleeve t-shirt
    Wearing a plain t-shirt inside dungarees is a simple yet fun look! You can wear your favorite solid color shirt since denim matches with almost every color.

  2. Tank Top:

    Image result for women tank top blank
    Another way to style your dungarees is by wearing a tank top. Both, fitted and loose tank tops look good.

  3. Sweatshirt:

    Image result for women sweatshirt
    Who says dungarees aren’t for the winter season? You can style them with a comfortable sweatshirt to have a warm and cozy look.

  4. Turtle Neck:

    For this style, you can wear either a full-sleeved or sleeveless turtle-neck because they both look good when worn with dungarees.

  5. Cotton Blouse:

    If you’re looking for a slightly different look, then you should definitely try wearing a cotton blouse inside your dungarees. They look extremely fashionable!

  6. Off-shoulder top:

    This is the perfect look for the summer season!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

What’s your favourite dungaree look? Let me know in the comments section below. 😀


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BB Cream vs. Foundation


BB Cream Brands

There are various BB Cream brands available in the market, but one of my favorites is Garnier BB Cream because it’s not oily and is perfect for combination skin.



Foundation Brands

Also, there are hundreds of foundation brands available around the world. I, personally, prefer using MAC Foundation because it gives a good coverage and glow to your skin.

What’s the difference between the two?

  1. Coverage:
    BB Creams provide a fair coverage if you’re planning on using it every day.
    Foundations, on the other hand, are much better if you want a good coverage and glow, perhaps when you’re going to a party or some formal occasion.
  2. Sun Protection:
    BB Creams are amazing sunscreens as well. Instead of applying two layers of cream, you can just apply a coat of BB Cream once!
    While many foundations do contain SPF, they’re lower than that of BB creams.
  3. Acne or Blemishes:
    While foundation covers pimples really well, BB Cream not only covers them, rather it treats them too! BB cream serves as a magic wand when it comes to treating acne.
  4. Hydration: 
    BB Creams are more like tinted moisturizers, so if your skin is dry then opt for BB Cream instead of foundation.
  5. Shades:
    BB Creams usually come in three main shades: Light, Medium, and Dark.
    Foundations come in various skin tones, so if you find it difficult to find a BB shade to match your skin tone then you might just prefer using a foundation.

Overall, I prefer using BB Cream on a daily basis. And, on special occasions, I prefer using Foundation instead.
Do you prefer using BB Cream or Foundation? Share your opinion with me in the comments section below. 

-The Jouska





Mia Pielle-Redefining Nude Clothing

Today, I read an article about Atima Lui and Nancy Madrid, two Harvard Business School students who are fed up with the fashion industry labeling products the color “nude” that are not, in fact, nude for everyone.


The Entrepreneurs of Mia Pielle

Women come in a wide range of beautiful skin tones, and they all deserve products that match their unique hue and meet their needs.
Hence, to solve this problem they started Mia Pielle Alpha, an online business where you can find the best lingerie, clothing, and accessories that match your skin tone. Isn’t that wonderful?


Six different skin tones!

I absolutely love the idea because it is practical and unique. I’m sure that their business will peak really soon!
You can find out more about them on this link:
So, what do you guys think about Mia Pielle? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below. 🙂

-The Jouska




Style Sense-Formal Wear

style 4.JPG

I often find it difficult to decide what to wear when I’m about to go to a place that is very official or serious for that matter.
However, this set is perfect for a meeting, conference or an interview! ❤

The following can be seen in the above set:

  1. A High Neckline Lace Blouse. In my opinion, lace blouses look great on formal occasions.
  2. A Purple Bodycon Pencil Skirt which  matches wonderfully with the plain white blouse.
  3. A Purple Belt with a Gold Buckle that instantly makes your outfit look sophisticated.
  4. A beautiful pair of earrings that complements well with the outfit.
  5. The Purple Leather Handbag in which you can carry all your essentials.
  6. A pair of White heels. In case you don’t like wearing heels, then you can wear a pair of white ballerinas instead.

I hope you liked my Formal Wear Collection. 🙂

-The Jouska


Style Sense-Jean Jackets

I love denim jackets. They look good with almost every color and are also very comfortable! 

Some tips on how to wear a denim jean jacket:

  1. Pair it with some blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt:
    how to wear a denim jacket
  2. Make your floral skirt and white tank top look even better with a jean jacket:
    how to wear a denim jacket
  3. Pair it with a white lace dress and cowboy boots:
  4. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves on a hot summer day: 
  5. Scarf it up on a cold winter night:

I hope you liked my tips on how to style a jean jacket! 
If you have any good tips, feel free to share them in the comments section below. 😀

-The Jouska


Style Sense-Lipstick Favorites

I prefer matte lipsticks more than glossy ones because they’re long-lasting and give you a more sophisticated look. 🙂

Some of my favorite matte lipsticks are: 

  1. NYX Matte Lipstick:

    NYX tops the list with its amazing matte lipsticks which come in a variety of shades for only 6 dollars. These lipsticks are great for every day use.
  2. MAC Matte Lip Collection:

    Obviously, MAC has the best lipsticks. They’re more expensive than NYX but they’re better suited for parties or special occasions because of their dense color.
  3. Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm:

    If your lips are dry, then this is perfect for you because it moisturises your lips while giving it a matte-finished look, which is great.

I hope you liked my favorite lipstick brands!
What’s your favorite lipstick brand? Let me know in the comments section below.

-The Jouska

Style Sense-Perfume Favorites

For me, wearing perfume is very important. I prefer fragrances which are refreshing, long-lasting and mild.

Some of my favorite perfume scents are:

  1. Daisy by Marc Jacobs- If you like mild, floral scents then this is perfect for you. It stays for a long time too!
  2. Arden Beauty by Elizabeth Arden-
    This is one of my favorite scents. I absolutely love the fresh smell of this perfume and the scent doesn’t wear off that quickly.
  3. J’Adore by Dior-
    This perfume has one of the most elegant bottles and I adore it!

These are my top 3 favorite perfume scents.
What’s your favorite perfume scent? Let me know in the comments section below. 😀

-The Jouska


Style Sense-Zoya Nail Polish


Look at all those pretty colors and the cute little polka dot boxes!


If there’s one thing that can instantly make you feel better, it’s bright colors.
Colors make you feel positive and happy whenever you’re in a gloomy mood. 

Even though I’m not a huge fan of Nail Polish, I like wearing them during special occasions.

I, personally, prefer the brand ‘Zoya’ because:

  1. They have numerous shades. (Eg: 15 shades of Pink.)
  2. The color stays and doesn’t come off that easily so if you’re a busy woman with a load of work at hand then this is perfect for you.
  3. One coat will cover up the entire nail perfectly so no more wastage. 😉
  4. The color stands out from the crowd.

What’s your favorite nail polish brand? Let me know in the comments section below. ❤

-The Jouska