Style Sense-Formal Wear

style 4.JPG

I often find it difficult to decide what to wear when I’m about to go to a place that is very official or serious for that matter.
However, this set is perfect for a meeting, conference or an interview! ❤

The following can be seen in the above set:

  1. A High Neckline Lace Blouse. In my opinion, lace blouses look great on formal occasions.
  2. A Purple Bodycon Pencil Skirt which  matches wonderfully with the plain white blouse.
  3. A Purple Belt with a Gold Buckle that instantly makes your outfit look sophisticated.
  4. A beautiful pair of earrings that complements well with the outfit.
  5. The Purple Leather Handbag in which you can carry all your essentials.
  6. A pair of White heels. In case you don’t like wearing heels, then you can wear a pair of white ballerinas instead.

I hope you liked my Formal Wear Collection. 🙂

-The Jouska



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