Desk Organisation Ideas

I am very particular about organising my things and knowing where they are at all times. In simple words, I’m an organiser. 

So, here are some simple organisation ideas that will make your desk look bigger and better! 🙂

  1. Pen Drawer:

    Instead of putting your pens or pencils in a cup, put them in a drawer because this way, nothing will get lost.
  2. Magnetic Board:

    You can use this board to stick important dates or to do lists. Just put it up on top of your desk so that it is easily accessible.
  3. Cable Holder:

    How simple is this? Just use binder clips to de-tangle cords. No more tangles and annoying wires coming onto your desk.
  4. Book Holders:

    Books occupy the most space on my desk. Shoe boxes can be effectively used to reduce the clutter on your table. Make sure to use sturdy boxes or else they won’t hold the weight of your books.

I hope these tips come to your rescue and help you de-clutter your desk. 🙂

-The Jouska



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