Long Lost Friend


“Just because you’ve known them the longest doesn’t mean they’re your best friend.”


This is an open letter to my long-lost friend. 

I thought we were meant to be best friends forever, I thought mimicking what you did would be a better way for me to get closer to you, I thought always satisfying you would make our bond stronger. I was wrong.

I remember the day when we first met, it has been ten years since then. It was cute, to say the least. We sat together, we made new friends, and we did pretty much everything like glued up twins.

As the years passed by, we made new friends, we met new people and things changed all of a sudden. Yet, I tried to fit in with your group of friends trying to act ‘cool’. And, I did it. I was with that particular group for a long time and I enjoyed it. We grew close real quick, we grew up, we matured like a cocoon growing up into a butterfly ready to fly and face the world and we departed. Rather, I departed.

I remember this one incident where one of them messaged me saying, “Hi, we should catch up. Let’s make a plan after exams to meet up at the mall!” And, I being excited replied saying that it would be fun. However, as expected, they made a plan, the three of them and went out without me.

I realized that none of this meant anything and that this wasn’t the group of friends that I was meant to be with. Do you want to know how I realized this? Well, it just didn’t feel right. I felt uncomfortable talking about what they did. At times, I enjoyed chatting with them and catching up on old memories but most times I didn’t.

I’m glad that I’ve cleared up a space in my life because I’ve met someone more
like-minded and appreciative.

Let me end my rant with a small piece of advice. Never let go of your friends, stay in touch but keep your distance from negativity and always be open to change, because it might just be for the best. 🙂

Have you ever experienced this kind of topsy-turvy friendship before? Let me know in the comments section below. (Hopefully, I’m not the only one.)

-The Jouska




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