Home Decor-Color Burst


I have a thing for quirky, colorful and vintage furnishings. I love it when a room has a burst of colors in it because they give me a sense of comfort and positivity.

In the above picture, you can observe the following:

  1. An Indian embroidered sofa made of velvet and traditional cotton cloth. What I love about this design is that it looks amazing with a white wall because when a person enters the room, the sofa immediately catches their attention.
  2. The colorful burst lamp and flower wallpaper complement well with the traditional sofa.
  3. A blue and white chair on the right. This chair is not only comfy but also unique in its design.
  4. A blue vintage Coffee table that stands on the left. I absolutely adore vintage home decor.

If you have a white-washed wall, then pair it up with some colorful furnishings and vice versa. Never make the mistake of having the same color for your wall and furnishings as it makes the room look cluttered and small whereas contrasting colors make the room seem larger and spacious.

I hope you liked my first Home Decor post. Also, I would love to listen to your decorative ideas! 😀

-The Jouska


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