Two Sides of the Same Coin


We all have two sides, the one that we let people see and the one we don’t…..


A person’s personality to a great extent depends on his/her mood. However, there are times when one feels like they have to be someone different just so they can fit in with a certain group of people or be socially accepted.

There are two sides to every person, and no, I do not mean happy and sad or good and evil. What I mean is the personal and social aspect of one’s personality. 

There are certain things we love doing alone such as our guilty pleasures which may be a cheesy romance novel or a certain singer or just some habit that we aren’t willing to show others. And that’s totally fine.

On the contrary, we try to force ourselves to like something that will please others so that they socially accept us. And that’s totally fine too. However, if you feel too forced or pressured into being someone that you’re not, then you must STOP! Right then and there.

There’s no point in pushing yourself beyond a certain limit, it just consumes you into someone that you’re not. 

Conclusion: There’s nothing better than being yourself. Of course, you can keep certain things private to yourself but never try to change your personality at the cost of your happiness. 🙂

-The Jouska



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