Shame-Jasvinder Sanghera


One of my all time favorites!


Believe it or not, I read the entire book in a day. The chapters are so magnetic that they pull you towards them which makes you want to read more and never stop!
Jasvinder has made use of a biographical element which adds to the reality shocks that you get while reading the book. It is truly inspiring that she herself who was a victim of forced marriage went against it and moreover, she stood up for others who were facing the same problems. Her compassion and sympathy towards other women throw a positive light on humanity and how people should be encouraged to help those in need.
I highly recommend this book to those who are fans of real-life based stories which are empowering. 🙂

Oh, and, if you like this book, there are two other books based on similar stories by the same author, namely:
1) Shame Travels
2) Daughters of Shame

-The Jouska



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